The Miracle Question

May 5, 2023

My therapist asked me “The Miracle Question” in one of our first sessions. Sounds like this is a ‘working from the future’ type of question.

He instructed me to ignore the details of the how, and focus on the what... then answer these questions:

You wake up tomorrow morning and there has been a miracle. How is the world different? How am I different?

The world is different.

I wake up today, and there are no longer countries. There is no longer any currency. There is no oppression. There are no longer any guns. These things are gone from the planet. Just gone.

There are no countries. We all value our backgrounds, our histories, and where we came from. And we respect each others differences. These differences and specifics inform each of us. But the way we’re different really just shows us how alike we all are. We all want safety, we want to live as long as we can, and we want to pass our genes on, to have children. That’s all base level biological needs. Any one of us may choose not to have children, and that’s OK. But in the little ancient part of our brains it’s all about staying alive and keeping life going. This is what core of what all life wants.

There is no longer any currency. We now have a more level playing field so that we can stop fighting each other and our own nature. The minority of us can put our energy into bettering our health and well being vs. fighting the corporate ladder. For everyone else, poverty is gone. It doesn’t matter how but no one has to worry about starvation, paying the bills, and there are no Jones to even keep up with.

There is no longer oppression. We’re now incapable of holding any group or person under. We can’t make a group of people feel less-than. No one has more or less opportunity due to any reason. The world is truly equal.

There are no longer any guns. I do not give a fuck about your gun rights. More guns does not make us safer. The number one cause of death for children in the country I live in is guns. Hundreds of years ago, in a very different time, our government valued the right to bear arms. Times have changed, guns have changed, our world has changed, the laws have been changed to protect our 300 hundred year old selves from invasion by foreigners. I don’t want to live in fear when my family goes off to school. I do not want to have a panic attack each time I can hear our local police doing firearms and response training. If the number one cause of death for children was spatulas, we’d take them out of the store shelves in a day. Because no one in America has cowboy power fantasies about spatulas. Our leaders aren’t swayed to vote one way or another by the National Spatula Association. Now, after this miracle, less people are dead. Less children are dead. That’s worth it.

I am different

Now that all the worlds troubles are behind us (lol) we can all focus on what’s really important. Our connections to ourselves, each other, the earth, and to the great mystery or whatever you’d like to call the “why are we here” question.

We now have the time, space, and energy to look inward. What are we like? What are own individual ideals and values?

I value connection, creativity, and transformation. We humans make things to represent out feelings and express them to others. After these miracles, we’re all tapped into that and making art, connection, and community.

My creativity is to visually represent what people are saying in the moment. My creativity is to use humor to build an absurd story so that we can all share an experience and reflect on it later. My creativity is to act - to portray a character in a story that resonates and keys into empathy.

My connections are to a small group of creative people and my family and friends. Focusing on the now together, to create our futures. Serving them so that they can draw out what’s inside them to lead themselves to growth.

My transformation is from self-doubt to peace with my strengths and weaknesses. I transform my physical self as well by eating mostly plants, and walking several hours a day. I am OK with having diverse interests versus focused on one or two. I am sober more often than not.

My post miracle ideal day.