Happiness is the path.

April 22, 2023

Hello everyone,

A very warm welcome to all. Matthew and Elizabeth wish to thank everyone for joining them here on their special day. We gather at this beautiful destination to witness and celebrate as Matthew and Elizabeth take their first steps together in marriage.

When I reflect on what a marriage is, a quote comes to mind...

There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.

By collaborating and communicating, you make your own path. You define what success is, together. Keep focus on the present moment, and create your future. And when hardship arises, you discover the areas for growth within the obstacles.

This is happiness.

As you walk together and create this path, one or both of you may not know the next best step to take. Remember you will both be there to catch the other if you stumble. To support each other. To keep creating the love that shines the light to move forward. You'll also have your guides, advisors, and sounding boards in your wedding party and loved ones.

And as you grow older, your steps will slow. But together, you'll always be traveling the path. Small and slow steps, but onward, none the less.

At any point you’ll be able to look back upon the path you travelled together and reflect on the love you created. The hills, and valleys, the missteps and giant leaps forward, the twists and turns, the places you've seen and things you've done, and the people you touched when paths intersected.

Friends, loved ones, Matthew and Elizabeth are travelers, embarking on a beautiful adventure. We can all take heart that our paths are crossing here on this very special day.

The first step in this wonderful journey is to make vows to each other, to create a pact, together.

Please share your vows.

A Ring is an unbroken circle made of precious metal. It symbolizes union, and unending love. A ring is a physical reminder of that love, and the journey you’ll take together. Zach, can you please bring us the rings?

Matthew, place the ring on Elizabeth's finger and repeat after me:

Elizabeth, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.

I pledge to love you today, tomorrow, always, and forever.

And now... Elizabeth, place the ring on Matthew's finger and repeat after me:

Matthew, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.

I pledge to love you today, tomorrow, always, and forever.

By the authority vested in me by the state of Massachusetts, I honored to now pronounce you husband and wife. So, kiss each other already, and lets go celebrate!