About Me

Hello, I am Chad Moore.

I hold this principle:

Creativity should not be stunted by our own limiting beliefs, inefficient processes or habits forced upon us.

I feel it’s my duty to use whatever skills and knowledge I have to prevent that loss of creativity.

I explore my own creativity by drawing, animating, performing standup comedy, and storytelling.

Are you a leader working in creative spaces, looking to develop and hold clarity, purpose, and meaning in your work? To grow your skills and relationships? I can help you can make the meaningful shared experiences and works of art we all need so much.

If you’re on a design and/or development team that feels stuck, I can help you build a safe space to talk about progress. To challenge your own limiting beliefs. To support collaboration and creativity and build a growth mindset.

If your organization seeks to improve how it collaborates and communicates, I can help by coaching, teaching, mentoring, and facilitating workshops and events.

Email me to talk about how I can help.