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Part One - We need your stories Apr 29, 2020 Your stories Things are hard for people who make their living creating. Especially now. I write this on Thursday, April 29, 2020. The entire world is being Part Two - Design Apr 29, 2020 Your stories Welcome back. Hope you’re well. Today I wanted to talk about design. In two aspects. How you present yourself and your products or services, and how Part Three - Your website Apr 29, 2020 Your stories Hey, thanks for sticking around for part three. We’re going to talk about doing some work today! Let me know if you have questions so far. Before we Part Four - Your Blog Apr 29, 2020 Your stories Hi, welcome to part 4. Today’s all about the blog. First a bit about blogs, specifically personal blogs. Then I’ll talk about four blogging tools. Part Five - Pointing, reading, and robots Apr 29, 2020 Your stories Hey. Welcome back. Today, Part 5 of 5, we talk about a couple things. First how to point a website you’ve made with a service like I’ve mentioned to